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Q. Do you (the owner) actually work on our floor, or do you send crews or sub-contract the work out?

A. Yes it's true I actually work on almost every job! Unlike other companies that just send a couple of apprentices over, or just sub' the entire job out. This way I can assure your satisfaction and you need not worry about who is on your property.

Q. Are there any health concerns related to wood flooring?

A. Leading allergists will agree that naked floors are an ideal choice for a healthy home. Wooden floors are easy to clean and will not harbour dust mites or mould. As we spend 90% of our time indoors with our floors, clean floors are a must. Researchers believe a microscopic insect "the dust mite" could be responsible for increasing rise in asthma.

Q. How long does it take to sand and finish my old floors?

A. The average size room takes one and a half days from start to finish. We use fast drying sealants which will enable you to walk gently across the floor with your shoes off after 2 to 3 hours. We then recommend 18 hours before resuming heavy foot traffic and replacing furniture.

Q. Is it very dusty? 

A. To maximise dust extraction and keep dust to a minimum, we have invested heavily in industrial type sanding machines and dust extraction units, in addition we put up plastic sheeting and use masking tape to seal doors so as to contain the dust in areas in which we are working. Many of our customer's compliment us with positive feed back, as they are surprised how very little dust is created. 

Q. Do you come in and move furniture?

A. We normally do not move your furniture. Moving furniture is the customer's responsibility, due to insurance restrictions not covering us for injuries or damages sustained while moving furniture.

Q. Will I need to stay out of the house during the process?

A. The sanding process is extremely loud and some finishes (polyurethane) contain strong chemicals. We recommend leaving your house, unless you have a separate floor to stay on. If you are having several rooms sanded we can work around you. Because of the noise levels we do recommend out of courtesy that you inform your neighbours in advance that work is about to be carried out on your property. 



Nothing is more attractive than wooden flooring. It adds beauty and warmth to any room. If you want to make that beauty last, you must make a special effort Maintaining Your Flooringwhen it comes to maintaining wooden flooring. By properly maintaining and caring for your wooden flooring, you can ensure it looks as wonderful as the day it was installed.

If you know who manufactured your wooden flooring, you can easily follow the company's instructions. No one knows better how to care for wooden flooring and its particular finish better than the manufacturer. If instructions weren't included, you can contact the company and ask what their maintenance procedures are. You should never attempt to care for your wooden flooring before knowing its type of finish. Each finish usually has its own set of procedures to follow. If you aren't sure what they are, either contact the manufacturer, or research the finish online.

Urethane floors should never, ever be waxed. Most wooden flooring installed today has a urethane finish. If you aren't sure if your flooring has a urethane finish, either contact the store from which you purchased the flooring, or avoid waxing just to be on the safe side.

Products that aren't specifically designed for the care of wooden floors should never be used. Acrylic waxes with self-polishing properties can dull the wood's Maintain Your Floorappearance, and it can also cause the wood to become slippery. If you should mistakenly use this type of product, the only way to reverse the results is to sand the floor and refinish it.

Wooden floors may look great, but they can easily become dull and scratched if they are in high traffic areas throughout the home. Maintaining wooden flooring in these areas is as simple as placing rugs and runners in those places to collect any dirt, sand, and/or grit that can be tracked in on shoes.

Wooden floors should be vacuumed and swept on a regular basis. Moisture can warp and stain wooden flooring, so wet-mopping is not recommended. If wet food or beverages should come in contact with wooden flooring, wipe it immediately with a dry, or even slightly damp cloth and then wipe the area until it is completely dry.

If your floor has a wax finish, shine can easily be restored if you buff it. A floor buffer is a good investment for anyone with wooden floors. If you need to Maintaining wooden floorsmove furniture or heavy objects over your wooden flooring, use plastic or furniture glides to prevent scratching and scuffing. Never walk on wooden flooring with shoes that can dent the surface such as sports shoes, cleats, or even high heels.

Lastly, maintaining wooden flooring in a kitchen is a must. A rug should be placed in front of the sink to ensure moisture from dripping and splashing doesn't warp or stain your floors. Mats should also be placed in areas where heavy traffic often occurs. Maintaining wooden floors can be easy as long as you're willing to put in the time and effort.

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